Will e-readers ever replace the traditional printed book?

Technological changes over the past few years have transformed the way in which we consume fiction. The rise of the Kindle and other such devices means that many of us have decided to ditch the print medium as a means of reading. E-books are so easily and quickly accessible online, even if you’re on the go. But will they ever knock physical print books off the shelves?

Personally, I have never used an e-reader for books I’ve read through choice. But I know several people who do. And there are various reasons why they may have chosen to do so. E-readers are far more convenient for a lot of people as they’re easier to hold and are smaller than hardback and paperback. They’re also lighter, which makes them so much better to carry around.

You don’t necessarily need a light on if you’re reading one, which is great if, for example, you’re sharing a room with someone who wants the light off. And if you finish a book, it’s so simple to just start reading another one.

But so many of us, myself included, still prefer reading print novels. For me anyway, there’s something quite enjoyable about holding a physical copy of a book and actually turning the pages by hand. We’re exposed to so much advanced technology these days that it’s actually quite nice to enjoy something a bit more “old-fashioned”.

There are always fun and interesting ways to get cheap print books, such as doing book swaps. And there’s also no chance of a printed novel running out of charge, which is great if you don’t have access to a power socket. And, on a more personal note, I do love that I can look at all the books on my shelves, with all their own different sizes, colours and sense of individuality. It’s such a great thing. It might just be me, but I feel far more invested in a story-line if I’m reading it in print.

It’s pretty difficult to guess what trends will be like in the next few years in terms of e-readers and print books. We all have our preferences of how we consume media. I really do hope that print books continue to be popular among readers. But a big part of me thinks that print books are pretty safe for the time being.


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