My 7 Favourite Aberdeen Coffee Shops

My summer so far has mostly consisted of spending time in coffee shops. When I’m not at the one in which I work, I’m trying new ones or going to ones I already know and love. Because there’s nothing quite like reading a good book and having coffee, right? So I made a short list of my favourite coffee shops I’ve visited this summer.

7. Tempo

Tempo is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. You pay for your time there and can help yourself to anything you like. It costs 10 pence per minute and all proceeds go to a cancer charity. On your way in, you leave your name at the desk and pay on your way out.

There is so much to choose from including: tea, coffee, cold drinks, scones and even soups. And it’s just like your own home – when finished, you put your dishes in the dishwasher. It is, in my opinion, a great concept.

6. Mojo

On George Street, Mojo is another lovely independent coffee shop. Both drinks and food are very well priced. For example, the macaroni is a decent size (not too big or small) and is only £3. It tastes pretty good too! And the really calming atmosphere there makes it so easy to sit and get totally lost in a book.

5. Cup

Cup is right at the heart of the city centre, on Little Belmont Street. It’s fairly small but it does seem to be popular. And it has such great personality. It’s nicely decorated, one wall having wallpaper with a map of the world. There is also a great variety of food, cakes, teas and coffees – as you’d expect from a coffee shop!

4. Long Dog Café

This is an amazing place for dog lovers. Dogs are welcome inside, as are people without a dog. The Long Dog Café has its fair share of food and drink choices. They even have freak-shakes, which look absolutely AMAZING! And I can confirm that the Jammy Dodger freak-shake tastes incredible. I really think the Long Dog Café is such a great idea – I’ve personally never heard of or been to anywhere like it.

3. Richmond Street Deli

While it’s a bit further out of the city centre, it is worth the 15 minute walk. (Well, 15 minutes if you’re leaving from the union street area). It’s fairly small but homely with background music playing. They have everything you’d expect from a coffee shop, including breakfasts and lunches. My favourite thing about the Richmond Street Deli is their book swap. There are shelves full of books that can trade one of your own for. So I’ll definitely be making use of that in the near future!

2. Books and Beans

Books and Beans is already well-known and loved by many in the Aberdeen area. I’ve definitely been in a fair few times myself. On Belmont Street, it’s in a very central location. They have loads of soups, sandwiches, drinks and more. And, as the name suggests, it is also a second hand book shop. There are loads of titles you can choose from which, for someone like me anyway, is always a bonus!

1. Bonobo

And last but not least, Bonobo. It’s a new vegan café on Skene Street. I’m not vegan myself but I’ve enjoyed it when I’ve been in. Bonobo is so quirky and also has a really lovely atmosphere . There is also outside seating in a beautiful garden. I absolutely love their banana bread, which I had the first time I went there. So I’ll definitely be going back to Bonobo a whole lot more.

So although Aberdeen isn’t necessarily the most interesting place in the world, it does have its fair share of fantastic coffee shops. And they’ve done a great job in keeping me occupied so far this summer!


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