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Moving to Belgium: being alone in the big, bad world 

We are now in August. This means I go out to Belgium next month. It’s pretty hard to believe just how quickly it has come around. I’ll actually be moving away from my home country for a while. And I’ve never even been to Belgium before, so everything will be totally new. I have very mixed emotions about the whole thing, but they are mostly positive.

For obvious reasons, I am quite anxious about being alone in a country I don’t know. But this is the perfect chance to experience something completely new. I’ll have to do things without anyone else’s input and I’ll have to think entirely for myself. But these are life skills that, as far as I’m concerned, I really need. I know it’ll make me a much more independent person. So while it seems like a scary thought now, it will definitely be worth it.  

But what I feel above all else is excitement. I have the amazing chance to become immersed in a whole new culture. With Brussels being at the centre of the EU, I’ll be able to interact with more people from all over Europe, and possible even beyond that. And learning some Dutch and brushing up on my French will be a bonus. All of this will surely go a long way in helping me achieve my goal of becoming a foreign correspondent.  

I’m sure this next month and a half will fly past and I’ll be in Belgium before I know it. It’s all starting to become more real now, and that’s perhaps the most exciting thing of all.  


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