Finding your happy place

I’ve always thought it’s nice to have a happy place. Somewhere you feel chilled that isn’t your house. You sometimes need a change of scene, but don’t want to go anywhere you’d feel stressed or on edge. You want to go somewhere you can do your own thing and feel happy doing so.

With the stresses of everyday life and all the things we’ve got to deal with, I think it’s so important to find these places. To find somewhere that cheers you up or helps you feel calmer. And even when you’re feeling great, it can be just another thing to make your day more enjoyable.  

Many of you who have me on your social media will know that I absolutely love Bonobo in Aberdeen. When it first opened, I was keen to see what it was like, despite not being vegan myself. But ever since my first visit, I’ve loved every minute spent there.  

The coffee, tea and food are great at Bonobo, but it’s the atmosphere that makes the place. Everyone seems so laid back and that often makes all the difference in the world. I’ve never felt stressed there – it’s so calm. And I’ve also never felt like I’ve outstayed my welcome either. Every time I come in, I feel like I can take my time – I could spend hours at a time there, reading and writing.  

I’m really glad that I now have a go to place. It has definitely become what I’d call my happy place. And I think it’s such a great place to have.  


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