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Moving to Belgium: being alone in the big, bad world 

We are now in August. This means I go out to Belgium next month. It’s pretty hard to believe just how quickly it has come around. I’ll actually be moving away from my home country for a while. And I’ve never even been to Belgium before, so everything will be totally new. I have very mixed emotions about the whole thing, but they are mostly positive.

For obvious reasons, I am quite anxious about being alone in a country I don’t know. But this is the perfect chance to experience something completely new. I’ll have to do things without anyone else’s input and I’ll have to think entirely for myself. But these are life skills that, as far as I’m concerned, I really need. I know it’ll make me a much more independent person. So while it seems like a scary thought now, it will definitely be worth it.  

But what I feel above all else is excitement. I have the amazing chance to become immersed in a whole new culture. With Brussels being at the centre of the EU, I’ll be able to interact with more people from all over Europe, and possible even beyond that. And learning some Dutch and brushing up on my French will be a bonus. All of this will surely go a long way in helping me achieve my goal of becoming a foreign correspondent.  

I’m sure this next month and a half will fly past and I’ll be in Belgium before I know it. It’s all starting to become more real now, and that’s perhaps the most exciting thing of all.  

Uni Antics

My time so far as an RGU student

I’ve done a similar post about my time as a Journalism student but for this post, I decided to focus on my time as an RGU student. I’m coming to the end of my third year at uni and I’ve honestly loved it.

You might remember from my post about being a Journalism student that when I first started at uni, I was studying Social Work. I think I suspected before I even started the course that I should have applied for Journalism. But anyway, focusing on the positives…

Even though I chose the wrong course, I still absolutely loved my first year at RGU. It was so easy to adjust to university and everyone was so helpful. I felt like I could approach anyone about pretty much anything. And I’d made a few pretty good friends as well, which is always a bonus.

Then the big change happened. And, truthfully, the last two years have been the happiest of my life. I know it’s easy to thoughtlessly say it, but in this case, it’s so true. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, or doing anything else. And the friends I’ve made in the past couple of years are absolutely amazing – I wouldn’t change them for the world. They’ve helped make my time as a Journalism student at RGU just incredible.

Since coming to RGU, I’ve always felt like I’ve had opportunities to look forward to. I went to Glasgow and met journalists and editors, and got the chance to speak to Nicola Sturgeon; I went to Birmingham with RGU:TV and had the absolute time of my life; and I’m going to London in a couple of weeks to visit ITV Studios (through RGU:TV again). So the fun never really stops!

And I’ve also got Brussels to look forward to in September. Yet another opportunity I have to grow as an aspiring journalist. Even though it’s for only 12 weeks, I know I’ll miss it at RGU – a sign, for me, that it’s a great place to study.

And last but not least, it is such a pretty university! The scenery is absolutely stunning and it’s great to go for a walk by the river (when it’s not actually raining).

Uni Pic 1
Near the River at Uni
Going Between Buildings
Uni 3
In the Autumn
Uni 2
Trees Next to the River


So after my exam on Wednesday, I’ll hardly be at RGU before I set off for Belgium for 12 weeks. But I know I’ll have an amazing uni to go back to when I come back.

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Studying in Brussels – The Months Before I Go

A few weeks ago, I found out that I’d be getting the opportunity to study in Brussels, Belgium for a semester. I wasn’t really sure if I even wanted to do study abroad, but I registered my interest anyway.

But when I got the email saying I could go, and doubts I had about going vanished. I was delighted! Straight away, my mind was made up. There was no way I wouldn’t go. The reality of it was so exciting. I was actually being given the incredible opportunity to spend an extended period of time in a foreign country. And I couldn’t wait.

It’s not for another few months that I actually go, but there is still so much to think about: getting the formal application in; accommodation; money; cultural differences; language barriers. But, as they say, nothing good ever comes easy. All I need to do at this point is ensure everything is done so I can enjoy my time away when I get there.

There is so much I hope to do and achieve while I’m over there. Obviously, brushing up on my language skills is a must. As a foreign correspondent, having at least some knowledge of a few foreign languages will inevitably be of huge benefit.

I also hope to visit the European Parliament. As someone who is interested in politics, it will definitely be worthwhile visiting. And what an interesting time for a British person to be at the heart of the European Union! I’ll probably feel the need to keep apologising for what’s happened and stress that I didn’t want that outcome. But I’ll keep the elephant in the room out of my conversations as much as possible. (Like that’ll really happen though!!)

But despite how long it feels until I actually go to Brussels, I know I will absolutely love it. I plan to send footage to my uni’s TV station and write articles for the student magazine while I’m over there. Just like a proper foreign correspondent! It’s such an amazing chance to really work towards what I aspire to do as a journalist. I am so incredibly lucky! I can’t arrive in Belgium soon enough!